How to Budget for the Life You Want

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A video course to help you budget for your passions and priorities. 

Are you a car guy? Do you love shopping? Do you have "world traveler" in your IG bio? We all love different things, so why should our budgets look the same? They shouldn't! 

In this course we'll learn how to work within our limitations, identify our priorities, establish a budget, and optimize our spending for what brings us the most joy. 

Are you tired of budgets that limit you? Are you stressed or depressed because you always have to tell yourself "No" to purchases? Get this course and learn how to make the switch from "No" to "Yes". 

By the end of this course you'll love your budget because we will have taken it from a "Red Light" that stops your purchases, to a "Green Light" that frees you get the life you want. 

The best investment you can make. 

There aren't many things that you buy once and use for the rest of your life. Investing in yourself, and your knowledge, is one of them. If you pay $35 this week to learn how to manage your finances, how much do you think you'll save, keep, or spend better, over the rest of your lifetime? Thousands? Hundred-thousands? The ROI on this course is like 1,000,000% 

Lessons Include:

  • Help! I'm Broke
  • Three Options; Choose Two
  • Priorities & Contentment
  • Priorities; Which "Two" Will You Choose?
  • The Basics of a Budget
  • Budgeting; Less "No", More "Yes"
  • Budgeting for Housing
  • Budgeting for Food
  • Price vs. Value
  • Budgeting Tools
  • Cash Flow
  • The High Cost of Debt

A high income will make you rich, but good budgeting will make you wealthy. 

Course Introduction:

Still not sure? 

Here's four good reasons you should get the course: 

1. Money Back Guarantee

If you take the course and aren't satisfied with it, just email us and we'll make it right. 

2. Invite Your Friends & Get Paid

Once you purchase the course, you're eligible to refer your friends. For every friend that signs-up because you sent them, we'll pay you $9. Sign-up 4 friends and your course is free. Sign-up 10 friends and you've got your next date night paid for! 

All you have to do is email us and say you think your friends would enjoy this, we'll send you a unique sign-up link that you can send out on social media or text your friends with; so that you get credit for their sign-up. 

3. Pay $35 and save $Thousands

Stop getting to the end of the month and wondering, "Where did all my money go?". Instead, know exactly where your money is going and put it to the places that matter most to you. Invest an hour this week and gain the rewards for the rest of your life.  

4. Understanding Budgets Helps Your Career

Not only will this help your personal finances, but knowing how to manage the flow of money (budget) will also help your career. Department heads, c-suite executives, managers, entrepreneurs, business owners, all have to mange income and expenses. The principles you learn in this course are easily applied to business and will help you excel at your work.

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12 Part Video Course on Budgeting.

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How to Budget for the Life You Want

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